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Ramón Soler's story

We spoke to Jordi Soler, the company’s general manager. He is part of the fourth generation that, since 1890, has been dedicated to the manufacture of sanitary taps.
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Ramón Soler is a family business that was born in Manresa. Currently owned by his father, his brother and him.

Jordi Soler has been leading the company for some time and is working on a new plan to make the business grow. Industrias Ramón Soler is working with a new team and invested in software, warehouse, logistics and product. They are completely changing their business model.

From past to future


Industrias Ramón Soler is a 130 year old company, a traditional company that comes from the past and goes straight towards the future. Today, the company’s focus is on export, as it’s already established in 50 countries.

Jordi Soler explains how the company manufactures sanitary faucets that are not just like any other:

Our taps must be eco-efficient and for us the perceived value of the customer who receives a Ramón Soler tap is important. It is made up of intangible things, such as perfect functioning, which gives comfort to the user, so that each person who uses these taps for his or her life always perceives quality. In addition to this there’s aesthetics: we have a distinctive trademark, our own personality in terms of design and manufacture.


Expanding horizons


October helped Ramón Soler overcome one of the most important projects they had ever had: the acquisition of a third of their main manufacturing plant. They had difficulty with the partner and acquiring the entire partner was key to the company’s future.

We had to react very quickly and that’s where October came in. It was fast and efficient at a time when decisions had to be made quickly.

At the moment, the company’s working hard to accelerate its growth in the coming years. In order to reach this objective, the company is making continuous improvements, registering patents, carrying out research… in short, their aim is to create products that contribute to society.

As general manager, I must have a clear vision for the future and I think Ramón Soler is a company that is going to reach very high objectives. We have many projects for the future, so we are going to need new financing and October will undoubtedly be our first option to take into account.

A total of 691 investors participated in the Industrias Ramón Soler project on October.