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Pricing conditions.

How much does it cost?

A financing request is completely free of charge, including the analysis phase by the October credit team. Only after the loan is funded will you be charged anything (3% upfront fee and 1/12% for the management of the cashflows) which will be detailed in a totally transparent way in the loan offer. These costs represent financial expenses that will be recognised as such in your company’s income statement, thus reducing taxable income.

Upfront fee (3%):

Upon payment of the funds, October charges a project set-up fee equal to 3% of the amount borrowed. This commission is deducted directly from the amount paid into your bank account.

Management flow fee (1/12%):

In addition, a flow management fee equal to 1/12% of the outstanding amount is invoiced monthly as part of the financial flow management. It covers the costs associated with processing the many financial flows (drawing a due date from your bank account and distributing this amount among all lenders, in proportion to the amount lent) and is directly added to your monthly payments.