We offer innovative financing solutions

Tourism Loan

offer in 48H

Dedicated loans to companies from the tourism industry with a deferred repayment period of 18 months. Guaranteed by the European Investment Fund.

  • From 30k to 1,5M
  • Deferred payment of 18 months
  • Financing tourism (restaurants, hotels, camping, recreational activities...) growth projects and cash flow

Classic Loan

offer in 48H

Monthly amortization of principal and interest.

  • From 30k to 5M
  • Up to 60 months of repayment
  • Financing growth projects

Extended Loan

offer in 48H

It offers the borrower a grace period of 12 months (payment of interest only).

  • From 30k to 5M
  • Monthly amortization after 12 months or monthly repayment of 70 to 85% of the loan and remaining at the end of the term
  • Financing growth projects


offer in 48H

October buys new or used equipment and rent it to the borrower.

  • From 30k to 2M
  • Up to 60 months of repayment
  • Financing equipment, furnitures or vehicles

...for every key moment of your growth.

  • Digitize your company

    Digitize your company

    Implement a new Customer Relationship Management tool, launch your e-commerce operations.

  • Attack international markets

    Attack international markets

    Develop your commercial operations abroad or a new production unit, launch a new country.

  • Refinance your business

    Refinance your business

    Refinancing your partners' current accounts, bonds or vendor credits.

  • Get your business known

    Get your business known

    Attract new clients by launching marketing or communication campaigns.

  • Transform your company

    Transform your company

    Renovate your hotel or your restaurant, increase capacity, renew furnishings.

  • Grow your team

    Grow your team

    Grow your workforce and production capacity by hiring and/or training employees.

  • Optimize your production

    Optimize your production

    Improve your production efficiency by acquiring new or second-hand machinery, equipments or vehicles.

  • Acquire a business

    Acquire a business

    Acquire a company, a restaurant, a hotel or a shop.

  • Value sustainable projects

    Value sustainable projects

    Reduce your company’s ecological footprint by investing in energy efficiency and sustainable projects.