Who we are.

Our mission is to empower businesses to thrive by simplifying and democratizing their funding. October was born in France at the end of 2014, under the name Lendix, thanks to a new regulation opening up the banking monopoly. Today we operate as a pan-European lending platform with offices in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

We do it on a European scale

Being a European platform simply means more funding for companies and more diversification opportunities for lenders. French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch SMEs can borrow from French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch lenders: that is unique.


… and we think transparency is the key to doing it right.

Transparency means both sides of the marketplace always have access to our selection criteria, our results, our financing processes and all our statistics. Transparency is what makes the platform works in a fast, simple and responsible way.


Meet the team.

Olivier Goy

Founder & Chairman

Patrick de Nonneville


Grégoire de Lestapis

CEO October Spain

Sergio Zocchi

CEO October Italy

Luuc Mannaerts

CEO October Netherlands

Thorsten Seeger

Chief Operating Officer & CEO October Germany

Claire Juliard

October Connect Lead

Marie Tricot

Head of Institutional Investors

Marc Sebag

Chief Underwriter & Recovery Europe

Julien Guépin

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Setti

Chief Product Officer

Christelle Yalap

Finance Director


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Eugenio Brambilla

Group Chief Risk Officer

Marco Giarraputo

Credit Risk Director

Richard Stewart

Outside Sales Coordinator Associate

Barbara Invernizzi

Head of Inside Sales

Danilo Barboni

Operations Associate

Valentina Raco

Inside Sales Executive

Andrea De Clementi

Retail Lenders Manager

Vittoria Arnold

Operations Manager

Francesca Dinolfo

Outside Sales Executive


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Pauline Magnin

Operations and Recovery Officer

Emma Poullet

Institutional Investors Relationship Associate

Matthieu de Fréminville

Head of Internal Operations

Paul Exina

Front-End Developper

Nadine Matar


Thibault de Nonneville

Credit Director

Marina Abad

Credit Analyst

Tina Radao

Marketing Manager

Hugues de la Tousche

Head of Sales France


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Thorsten Seeger

Chief Operating Officer & CEO October Germany

Holger Schmidt

Business Development

Maria Grazia Patania

Office Manager

Daniel Steinmetz

Head of Credit

Julius Egen-Gödde

Inside Sales Executive

Marian Spiegel

Credit Analyst

Andreas Huber

Operations Manager

Theresa Neumayr

Junior Sales Manager

Anna van Nes

Digital Marketing Lead

Jorn van Duijnhoven

Customer Success Manager

Nick Verboom

Inside Sales Executive

Bas Vanhorick

Credit Risk Director

Bob Lieftink

Credit Analyst

Tejas Sherkar

Head of Data

Tim de Heij

Credit Analyst


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Camille David

Head of Customer Success

Pablo Casals

Head of Sales

Alfonso Aguado

Operations Manager

Sergio del Pozo Maraver

Senior Credit Analyst

Almudena González

Customer Success and Communications


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