October – Borrower Story : Ecophora

Company name: ECOPHORA

Business: Equipment hire

Project: €25,000 loan to finance the purchase of a van.


 yourte-October - Borrower Story : Ecophora

Ecophora: a unique and authentic adventure

The name “Ecophora” reflects the idea of “carrying your home”, a notion that its founder, Pierre-Olivier Lefevre, has embodied since 2019. Since then, he has embarked on a solo journey across France to offer his handcrafted yurts for hire, creating a unique universe. Specialising in the manufacture and rental of yurts, Pierre-Olivier aims to reach his customers in an authentic and ethical way. His aim is to create a relevant, high-quality offering for his customers in France, Belgium and Switzerland. With a fleet of five yurts and a wealth of experience in construction, Pierre-Olivier aims to expand his business.

Transitioning to a new phase, thanks to financing

In 2023, Pierre-Olivier decided that it was time to invest in a utility vehicle that would allow him to grow his business and free up time to get involved in marketing to expand his business and his world, and introduce it to more and more people.

Pierre-Olivier has been using Qonto since 2019 to manage his day-to-day cash flow. Qonto is an online financial management solution for VSEs, SMEs and entrepreneurs looking for simple, effective ways to manage their business finances.


” I saw a Financing tab on their interface, with October’s financing offer for Qonto customers. It was perfect timing!” Pierre-Olivier


He therefore made the strategic decision to turn to October, a participatory financing platform, to obtain €25,000 in financing, enabling him to purchase his van quickly.


yourte-October - Borrower Story : Ecophora

A partnership that contributes to the growth of SMEs

This partnership offers Qonto customers simple, ultra-fast, 100% online financing with no personal guarantee directly via the application’s Financing platform. They get an instant response to their loan request, thanks to the analysis of transactions in their Qonto account, without downloading tax forms or other documents. Funds are generally available in the Qonto account in less than four days thanks to the contribution of the October community of lenders, of which there are more than 25,000 today.


“The ethical and collaborative approach of equity crowdfunding aligns perfectly with my vision. I was blown away to see 491 individual lenders invest in my project in just 69 minutes.” Pierre-Olivier.


This success demonstrates October’s commitment to offering its community of private lenders quality projects, enabling them to play an active role in supporting growing businesses.

October is proud to support Qonto’s customers since 2021, and to support entrepreneurs in their access to finance.