A new asset class
for Institutional investors.


Helping institutional investors lend to European SMEs at scale.

  • Strong coverage of the European SME market:

    Fueled by our technology and presence in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

  • Solid and scalable credit assessment:

    Built around our experienced local credit teams and made fast and simple thanks to our technology.

  • Transparent loan servicing:

    Managed by a skilled & local team with specific knowledge of each market to ensure efficiency.

Investments that have a powerful impact on society.


Investments that have a powerful impact on society.

Lending directly to SMEs creates a tangible impact on the European economy.

  • Investors have unlocked the growth of more the 650 small and medium sized companies across Europe since the start of October in 2015.
  • The ecosystem that investors are supporting through the SMEs they are financing represents more than €7 billion of cumulated annual turnover.
  • More that 26 000 jobs across Europe have been reinforced thanks to direct lending to SMEs.

A unique european community of lenders.

    Private and institutional investors work hand in hand to finance the growth of European SMEs.
  • 1.


    Once a projet is accepted by October's credit committee and published on our platform, institutional investors automatically finance 51% of the amount of the projects.

  • 2.


    The remaining 49% are then proposed to private Lenders for a dedicated timing. At the end of the subscription period, any unsubscribed amount will be allocated automatically to institutional investors.

  • 3.


    This process guarantees 100% of the funding to our borrowers but also guarantees a great portfolio diversification to institutional investors.

A financial vehicle designed to boost diversification.


A financial vehicle designed to boost diversification.

Our institutional investors lend to European SMEs through October's debt investment funds.

  • So far, we have raised more than €318 million across 3 funds, invested in more than 650 SMEs from all industries and based in 4 European countries.
  • Our funds benefit from the European Long Term Investment Fund (ELTIF) label, created by the EU to sustainably support the real economy.
  • ELTIFs have specific investment restrictions, diversification rules, and limited leverage.
  • October's funds are managed by October Factory, our wholly owned asset management company, regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

Meet some of our investors.

These solutions are reserved for professional investors under the MIFID II sustainability initiative. Your request will be processed by October Factory, a wholly owned subsidiary of October SA, a portfolio management company approved by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) under the registration number GP-16000030.

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October factory has not yet implemented a specific policy to follow environmental, societal or governance criteria.

Our compensation policy is available on request at [email protected].