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We offer innovative financing solutions

For every key moment of your growth: digitalisation, internationalisation, debt refinancing, communication, renovation, recruitments, company acquisition or sustainability investing, we offer you a large range of financing solutions.

Tourism Loan

A unique financing offer dedicated to the tourism industry, with an 18 month delay of capital reimbursement.   Learn more

Classic Loan

We provide fast and simple loans: material or immaterial investments, refinancing, acquisition...   Learn more

Extended Loan

Financing an investment project with the opportunity to delay capital repayment for 12 months.   Learn more



Financing new or second hand equipment purchasing.   Learn more

Online, simple and fast

Online, simple and fast

  1. One minute Submit your project Know how much you can borrow in 1 minute. Complete your application online.
  2. Two days Talk to one of our analysts Our team studies your project. We get back to you in 48 hours with a firm answer.
  3. One week You’re funded Retail and institutional investors lend to your company. Just a week after your application, the funds are on your account.

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  • No personal guarantee

    We analyse your company's ability to repay.

  • Financing tangible & intangible assets

    We finance all the key moments of your company's life.

  • 100% guaranteed financing

    Faster and without paperwork.

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