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The story of... Firenze Manutenzioni

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A new article to tell the story of one of the businesses financed by October: today it is the turn of Firenze Manutenzioni s.r.l.

This Tuscany-based company has been active since 1995 in Florence and all over Italy. They are operational in the gas sector and also in the execution of work focused on removing architectural barriers. Over the years they have carried out numerous projects on the entire energy delivery and distribution network, as well as earned awards and meritorious certificates.

Firenze Manutenzioni, however, is all this and much more.

In October we found out about them when the company applied for a loan on our platform.

That is why we interviewed Francesco Capecchi, owner of the company, and we want to share with you the story of Firenze Manutenzioni.

Can you tell us the story of your company?

Firenze Manutenzioni began as a consortium and originally included three companies: Fiorentina Verde, Capecchi srl and Capecchi edile. Over time, these companies have been merged into Firenze Manutenzioni.

We are a family business which originally belonged to my father, who was well known in the Florence area and sponsor of the radio of our regional capital’s team.

We carried out major works during these years: one example is the access road to the Basilica of San Miniato in Monte (Unesco heritage site), which overlooks Florence.

There has been a lot of work over the past three years and our turnover has continued to grow.

How did you get to know October?

Working with public authorities, however, it is normal to receive payments a little later than the execution of the works. As investment opportunities arose, I looked for a solution that could guarantee a fast turnaround time.

I was lucky enough to find out about October by chance, on the internet: I saw an advertisement, clicked on the link and immediately tried to apply for a loan.

This allowed me to get in touch with October and Barbara, Head of Sales in Italy, and I quickly obtained the first 100,000 euro loan.

Then we had the opportunity to proceed with a second transaction of €150,000 and I got the liquidity I needed.

What has been your experience with October?

In addition to finding a solution to my needs as an entrepreneur, I appreciated the seriousness and commitment to business shown by the October employees… that’s why I also wrote a review on Trustpilot!

“I am really satisfied with October: professional and reliable people, excellent company. I am fully satisfied and plan to get more financing later, because I felt great. Excellent and qualified and above all fast: Dearest people. Bravi’.

“Fast approval and granting of funds is crucial for an entrepreneur who needs to invest quickly. Wasting time is never advantageous in business and it is instead crucial to get the funds in the most efficient way for your company. It is not necessarily the rate applied to a financial transaction that has an impact, but rather the speed of financing with respect to planned, approved and forthcoming projects.

The liquidity obtained through October allowed me to start a project that brought my company a very important return”.

A return that Firenze Manutenzioni shared with its employees and also with the surrounding community: what is your vision as an entrepreneur?

First of all, in my opinion an entrepreneur is someone who tries to ensure that he makes himself and others feel good, meaning his employees and the whole surrounding community. When you carry out a new business project, you should provide a return not only for yourself but also for your company. This means sharing the benefits with your employees and with the entire social environment in which your company operates, encouraging a positive chain.

To share a tangible example, we also read that Firenze Manutenzioni supports the Meyer Foundation: can you tell us what this is all about?

The Fondazione Meyer was born to support fundraising activities for the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence, which is a reference point for Italian and European pediatrics in terms of research, innovative treatment methods and child care.

I had the opportunity to get in touch with the staff at Meyer and I met some extraordinary people, who carry out a mission with a smile on their face.

That’s why I said to myself: if I can help, I’ll gladly do it. This was the case with the installation at the entrance of the hospital, which is a small attraction for the children.

As a company, however, we have also made other donations, for example, to the public assistance service of Reggello, in the province of Florence, to which we donated a 4×4 off-road vehicle. This allows the operators to reach remote hamlets in the most inaccessible areas to be able to provide assistance. In addition, we gladly remember establishing a garden for children with disabilities in the town of Cascia.

ESG and sustainable development are two topics that get lots of attention in the market: do you consider it advantageous to include social responsibility activities?

There are many advantages, but I am certainly not referring to tax relief.

The life of a company is characterised by a business plan, and numbers and they are certainly important. What is more important, however, is the quality of your work as that always rewards you. But it’s also important the quality of your contribution to the well-being of the community in which you operate.