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And then there was... Qee

"Body and mind work together: when we do good to one, we do good to the other."

When Véronique discovered Yoga in Australia in 2005, it was a revelation: the well-being she experienced was such that she wanted to share it with as many people as possible. She therefore decided to develop this activity in France, in the way she had practiced it: modern and not "esoteric". After spending time finding a suitable place, both spacious and bright, Véronique launched the first Qee center in 2008, in the 9th arrondissement in Paris.

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The acceleration after two years of evangelization

Yoga is little known in 2008 and Véronique must evangelize to make this physical practice known. To this end, it has the idea of proposing an innovative system of subscription-free, session-based courses, which did not exist at the time in France.

Qee also advertises on the Internet, in the press and from 2010, the concept takes on and then the phenomenon is amplified thanks to the word of mouth of the first subscribers. The center met an unfulfilled expectation: a physical activity combining body and mind.

Centers to feel and be

The 2 pillars of the Qee offer are Yoga and Pilate classes, practices that will be complemented by meditation, sophrology or naturopathy consultations, Chinese medicine…

Véronique’s promise to her subscribers is to live better. And this promise is proving increasingly successful: in addition to the historic center of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Véronique is quickly opening 3 new centers in Paris, 2 in the Île-de-France and 1 in the provinces.

They rely on their expertise each time a Qee center is opened, but the challenges remain the same: making themselves known and, above all, recruiting the right teachers.

A complementary project to the practice in centers

Pursuing her dream of transmitting well-being to as many people as possible, Véronique has the idea of launching an online Yoga video platform in 2017. Objective: to share their expertise beyond the clients of their centers and develop a complementary project to the practice in the center.

An atypical project that does not convince banks

Véronique consults her 2 historical banks for the realization of her project but they do not finance this kind of project and do not even read her Business Plan. Tired of a very time-consuming relationship with banks and involving a lot of administrative procedures, Véronique is interested in alternative financing methods and contacts October.

An agile partner that respects autonomy

In contrast to banks, Véronique was very impressed by October’s flexibility and agility: once the project and report had been sent, October gave a pre-approval in less than a week. Another point of satisfaction for Véronique: October gives her great freedom to work as she sees fit.

Today, Qee has already attracted more than 45,000 people.

Its new credo “Well-being at the bottom of your home” is reflected in its ambition to open more centres to get closer geographically to its customers, in Paris and the provinces.