Our quarter big features #1

October is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of all users of our platform. That’s why our developers are incessantly working on new features to be made available on the platform. Some of them are subtle and hidden among the thousands of lines of code that make up our architecture, while others are highly recognizable and easy to spot by simply navigating our website or mobile app. In this article, we’ll introduce you to all the features released during the first quarter of 2022 that fall into the latter category.

2 Universes for our borrowers and lenders

Let’s start with the most visible of all, which concerns our october.eu website.

October is a platform that targets multiple audiences: on the one hand, companies requesting financing, on the other hand, retail lenders who want to lend to our projects. From now on, each of these users will be able to access all the information they are looking for on our website in a much easier way.

In fact, we have redesigned our website by dividing it into what we like to refer to as two distinct “universes”, one dedicated to companies and one dedicated to retail lenders. Moving from one universe to the other is extremely simple. Whether the objective is to request quick financing for one’s own business or to lend to our projects, each user will be able to find immediately what they’re looking for.

In fact, we have made it even simpler and more intuitive for businesses to explore the October services and apply for a loan in just a few clicks from any page of our website. For lenders, on the other hand, it has become way easier to access their account or create a new one, browse projects, read the statistics of our portfolio and even get access to our tutorials.

A brand new affiliation system

When a lender registers on October, they get a unique promotion code to recommend their friends, family and acquaintances to use the platform and get a bonus to lend on October. This promotion code is available on their October account.

If the lender shares his/her code with an acquaintance (the “Referee”), both of them receive a €20 bonus if the Referee opens an October account with the lenders promotion code and lend €500. If a lender is really active on the platform and has a diversified portfolio of at least 50 loans, they may receive loyalty advantages. This means that the threshold is not €500 but €200 to invest before they receive the bonus. This bonus can be used for the next projects of your choice.

Our affiliation system is originally designed for family and friends but it does not mean that we cannot collaborate if you have the opportunity to introduce October to a larger audience. In this release we also added an option to become a partner from October!

If a lender reaches €200 in bonus, they will be offered to become a professional partner. If you want to know more about the conditions to become a professional partner, reach out to us on the chat.

More information about the affiliation system? Have a look at our tutorial.


With this feature we give our lenders more autonomy to handle their personal information. Where you first needed to contact us for every change in your portfolio (change of address, phone number, e-mail address etc) lenders can now change a big part all by them selves!

Lenders now have the option to change their Postal address, e-mail address and phone number by themselves. When there is a change requested, the lenders must pass the multi-factor authentication to ensure the safety on the platform.

For security reasons, the October team performs a verification when you require a modification of your personal information for a change of IBAN. There is also an exception for changing the tax residency. To change tax residency, the lender still needs to contact the support team. However, we never stop to improve! That’s why you will be able to request these changes by yourself as well by the end of the year. For security reasons, we will keep performing the final check before the change will be done.

More information about changing you personal information? Have a look at our tutorial.