Ronan Le Moal raises awareness among SME partners

On November 22, October launched the campaign Grow Together. The campaign was sponsored by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance in France, and 11 major groups working with European SMEs. The challenge was simple: to make SMEs aware of new financing methods that can complement the banking system.

Arkéa is a banking institution from France with over 10,000 employees, 3,500 directors and 4.4 million members and customers in the banking and insurance sector.

Arkéa participated in Grow Together on December 3 by borrowing €100,000 from 1,634 lenders. Thereby they showed how diversifying financing sources is done to their SME network.

October is an alternative to what we are able to offer as bankers. We see it as complementary and an opportunity to carry out a co-investments.” says Ronan Le Moal, Arkéa’s CEO.

🔍 Watch Ronan Le Moal’s feedback on his experience as he restates his wish to cooperate with October through the Grow Together campaign.

The video is in French, but you can turn on subtitles in YouTube and adjust the language of the subtitles in the settings.