Do you really know … Arkéa?

Arkea consists of the federations Sud-Ouest, Massif Central and Crédit Mutuel Bretagne and thirty-some specialised subsidiaries (including Fortuneo, Monext, and Arkéa Investment).

With more than 10,000 employees, 3,500 managers, 4.4 million members and clients in banking and insurance and more than 132 billion euros of total assets, Arkéa is one of the most important banking institutions in the region.

Arkéa is a pioneer and innovator with a tech-minded corporate culture, particularly in online banking and insurance services. Thanks to this experience and expertise, Arkéa enters into technological, commercial and capital-intensive partnerships with start-up and fintech partners in the digital sector.
In a rapidly changing world where everyone is connected, these partnerships enable Arkéa to remain at the forefront of technology, customer behavior and flexibility.

Arkéa follows its own development strategy, and has the ambition to profile itself as the financial services provider that optimally meets the customer needs and lifestyle of today and tomorrow.

On 3 December, Arkéa will once again demonstrate its passion for entrepreneurship. As part of the ‘Grow Together’ campaign, Arkéa will borrow €100,000 on October. This way, they show their SME partners that there are alternative sources of financing besides the traditional bank. The SME partners of these companies benefit from favorable conditions for a loan on October.

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