Erasmus of Savings #3 – A radiography of Lendix’s Private Lenders

At Lendix, there are 2 types of Lenders: Institutional Lenders (those who subscribe to all projects through the Lendix Fund) and Private Lenders (those who are free to choose the projects that they want to lend to through the platform): you 😉. And for the 3rd episode of our series “The Erasmus of Savings”, we decided to do a radiography of our Private Lenders, who come from 42 different countries! See for yourself if the typical profile meets yours, you may be surprised!


40, the age of savings? 🎂

Whatever their country of origin is, the median age of our Lenders is quite the same, going from 40 for France, to 41 in Italy and 42 in Spain. Are the 40’s the decade of savings?

There is a crowd on Lendix 🌍



Although Lendix projects are strictly European for now, this does not prevent Lenders from all over the world to participate: 42 countries total! Most of our Lenders live in urban areas 🚕.


This is a men’s world 🤷‍♀️

To this day, Lendix Lenders are mostly men (85.5% of our active Lenders*, all countries combined). But, more and more women are interested in Fintech and in Lendix, and our female community is growing every day.
*Lenders are considered as active are those who lend at least once on Lendix.

Let’s talk Loans 💰

You may know this already: at Lendix, we preach the diversification of the portfolio. We will never say it enough, diversifying your portfolio will allow you to minimize the risk of default.
Here, we qualified our Lenders by their portfolio of projects:

On Lendix, a portfolio is considered diversified when it has at least
50 loans of roughly the same amount. Find our more about diversification levels
By the way, are the invested amounts similar according to the Lenders country of origin?
Well, no! In fact, it’s international Lenders (meaning Lenders from every countries except France, Spain and Italy) that lend the most (€200 per loan). Followed by Italians, with an average amount of €139 per project. Spanish arrive in third position with €128, and then come French Lenders with the lowest amount: €109.

Today, the average portfoli
o (all countries combined) is of €2,700.
Find out below its evolution in the past year:

On that graph below, each dot represents a Lender:

On a total of about 12,000 active Lenders:
  • 5.5% have a negative internal rate. In other words, these Lenders are losing money at this stage because their portfolio is not diversified enough (they often have lent to one single project, which is now in default),
  • 9% have an internal rate between 0 and 4%,
  • 85.5% have an internal rate of more than 4%.

We are not robots 🤖

The Lenders team is always there to answer to your questions. And as some of you are wondering: we are real persons!
In average and per week, we participate to:
  • 320 conversations for the French team (which is also the team in charge of International Lenders),
  • 70 conversation for the Spanish team,
  • 68 conversations for the Italian team.
Our median time of response is 3 minutes, for all teams!
We are pleased to answer your questions and to help you using the platform, so do not hesitate to come talk to us anytime!

What about the Borrowers? 🏭

In this series, we talk a lot about our Lenders. But where would Lendix be without its Borrowers? This will be the theme of our next issue of “The Erasmus of Savings”. Do not hesitate to tell us the themes that you would want to see discussed, by clicking on the dialog box on the bottom right of your screen, and we will discuss it in our next article.

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