Erasmus of Savings #2 – How is Lendix making the Europe of savings possible?

In the first episode of our Erasmus of saving series, we analyzed how Lendix Lenders had different investment behaviors depending on their country of origin. Today discover the Lendix recipe 🍩 to make the Europe of savings possible for its Lenders. 

An A-team 🤜 

Lendix takes pride of having local teams in every new country it is expanding in. 
But why do we operate this way? We could have decided to centralize the workforce and the investments in Paris, where Lendix was first launched for example.

We did not consider this choice for multiple reasons:
  • Our Sales Team needs to be close to the Borrowers to fully understand their funding needs,
  • Our Credit Team needs to be 100% aware of all the country specifics (accountability). For example, analysts must know about the local market, and interviews with Borrowers must take place in their language to facilitate communication (for example, a technical conversation with a French borrower will always be smoothier with a French analyst than with an Italian one),
  • Our Lenders Team also needs to adapt its way of communicating, its relationship management and its community engagement depending of the country, as well as being aware of all the specificities like taxation issues, legal obligations, etc…

Our local presence
, in Paris, Madrid and Milan today, Amsterdam and Frankfurt tomorrow, allows us to be more flexible and to serve our clients faster and with more efficiency.

Tech 👨‍💻 

Lendix’s Tech team is the underwater part of the iceberg. Their role is essential: to develop and make the Lender and Borrower interfaces as intuitive as possible and to manage and secure financial flows.


They are also in charge of applying local technical specificities on the platform, regarding the country it is operating in:
Country In France In Spain In Italy
Investment specificities Lenders can lend 2,000 per project maximum.
  • Lenders can lend 3,000 per project maximum,
  • Investments between all the platforms can not exceed €10,000 per year,
  • Non-accredited Lenders cannot lend in projects of more than €2m.

Lenders can lend 2,000 per project maximum.

Taxation specificities
Lenders are subjected to a 30% flat-rate tax.
Taxes are automatically deducted from the interests paid monthly:
  • 12.8% for Income Tax,
  • 17.2% for social security contribution.
Lendix levies 19% in income tax on the interests received. If the lender’s marginal tax rate is higher than 19%, he or she must complete the differential when filing the tax return.  As of January 2018 all Italian Lenders are subjected to a 26% flat tax.

There is only one boss: the customer 👑

At Lendix, we do everything to make the customer’s experience as smooth as possible. That is why we created local teams who are always there to listen to everything you have to say and everything you would like to change and improve about Lendix. Because in the end, it is you who are making the Europe of savings possible.