8 reasons to join October

Fintech? Dictionary please!

“Fintech” is the contraction of “Finance” and “Technology”, it is an innovative market that rethinks financial or banking services, using new technologies or creating new uses. And this is exactly what we do by offering a fast and efficient solution.

Would you like to join a fintech? Here are 8 reasons to join the October adventure!

1. Our product

Among the examples of neo-banks, crypto-currencies, Assurtech or even payment companies, October has made a place for itself in the Fintech world by becoming the leading SMEs lending platform in Europe.Our solution has financed more than 3000 projects to the amount of 885m€ since its creation. Therefore, as part of our ongoing development in a fast-changing industry, we have launched our SaaS technology – October Connect – which allows us to provide financial institutions with our risk analysis expertise.

It all starts with our current mission: “Finance businesses better”.

2. Enjoy the journey

It’s hard to assess a company culture from the outside, so the best way for us to convince you is to let the people who work there testify to it!

In September 2021, we conducted our first ever eNPS. All people working at October had the opportunity to rate and give their opinion about the company, anonymously. The company’s culture and general atmosphere rank second in the Top 5 strengths of October, cited by 34 out of 88 participants.

Among these declarative answers, special mentions for: the atmosphere, the team interactions, the co-workers, the dynamism, the stimulating environment, the culture of progress, the direct impact of our work, the opportunity to propose, and much more…

3. People at work

We have mentioned the top 2 results of our eNPS. Nevertheless, for those who are curious, the main asset of October is the people who work there! Not only for their personalities, but also for their professional attitude and the quality of their work. This is something we are very proud of at October.

Over the years, we’ve successfully overcome various challenges together, learning from our mistakes while gaining expertise. Today, at October, we combine the experience of our first arrivals with the freshness of our newcomers.

Our wealth is the heterogeneity of our talents, with a common mission: “Finance businesses better”.

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4. Always improve

At October, we have 5 corporate values that we take seriously. Beyond the posters on our walls, they are our daily guiding principles. One of them is “Always improve“. We are constantly striving to improve at all levels, but improvement also comes through mistakes and learning. And to do this, we must experiment: at October, we suggest, we try, we make mistakes, we succeed and above all we learn.

We allow everyone to have a chance, so we trust our junior candidates by entrusting them with responsibilities that are often inaccessible in traditional structures. We have wonderful examples of internal mobility, we let you discover Claire our Lead October Connect (read the interview of our Lead October Connect, Claire Juliard) and Julien our Chief Technology Officer (read the interview of our CTO, Julien Guépin).

5. Strive together

It would be a lie to tell you that the October adventure is a long, quiet river. For example, in two years, we have:

  • introduces a strategy based on measurable objectives aligned with a vision (OKR methodology)
  • launched our SaaS solution October Connect
  • Integrated the instant loan decision (last tax return and 6 last bank statements analyzed)
  • acquired our biggest French competitor,

For this reason, October is a high intensity project with great challenges.

6. Data/Tech environment

Previously, we mentioned our company values. After “Always improve“, it’s time for us to introduce you to our second value: “Think customer experience first“, we let you discover the other ones here! At October, we strive to use our data analysis to improve the user experience. But more than that, more than 200,000 requests have been analyzed and are now used to develop internal tools that accelerate our credit analysis and allow us to propose a credit offer in a few minutes.

Special mention for our technology, which is the lifeblood of our strategy: October Connect, the October app, etc.

25% of our staff is part of the tech, data and product team, but 100% of our teams evolve within this digital environment.

7. Do you speak English or Dutch, Italian, Spanish or German?

October is 5 countries, we operate in France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. To be part of our team is to discover new cultures, new working methods, new ways of approaching challenges, and to be open-minded!

Our wealth lies in our 5 entities, which all have different ideas, methods and cultures, and we take the best of the 5 worlds! We make sure that we maintain a group coherence, using the strengths of each one.

😉 And take our word for it, by integrating October you will learn English much faster than watching your favorite shows in VO.

It is also an opportunity to practice the languages of our 5 countries, as our CEOs do so well!

8. What else? 🚀

If you’ve made it this far, we hope we’ve sparked your curiosity!

And to turn the spark into a flame, we can share with you some of our insights:

  • Once a year, all the teams come together for a crazy seminar. A surprise destination, a mix of team sessions and fun activities to spend time together and take a look at the past year and review the objectives. Relive our 2021 Offsite here!
  • A remote friendly policy, we love our office addicts as much as our full remotes! 💻
  • Not to mention the many benefits: working time reduction, pension plan, meal tickets, exceptional health insurance, etc.
  • Unlimited snacks, afterworks, summer parties, team climbing sessions, and much more!
  • A monthly Firesidechat (literally a fireside session). Born from the Covid period, the fireside remains today and gathers in Zoom all the October Europe teams in order to present the newcomers, make a point on the objectives, discuss the last news (eNPS, Product roadmap…)

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