Word of mouth 📢

We are getting a lot of requests about how you can pitch Lendix to your Entrepreneurs and CEOs friends. “Why would I ask for a Lendix loan instead of turning to my bank?” is one of the most common questions we get. Well, you’re about to know!


1. What is Lendix? 📣

Lendix is a platform that connects SME in need of financing with institutional and individual Lenders, passionate about real economy and looking for benefits.

2. Is my business eligible to a Lendix loan? 💼

To be eligible, a Company must meet these 4 criteria : 

  • Be a small or medium sized commercial company from all sectors, based in France, Italy or Spain (and soon in Germany and The Netherlands);
  • Have at least one fiscal year closed;
  • Have a turnover exceeding €250,000;
  • Be profitable, i.e. have a positive operating result at the end of the last financial year (showing a sufficient reimbursement capacity).

3. How much can I borrow? 🛵

A company can ask for a minimum amount of €30,000, up to €5,000,000, for a length of 3 to 84 months.

If you can answer to questions 1, 2 and 3, you can test the eligibility of your company with your friends by clicking on this button (it’s fast, free and no, engaging):

Test my eligibility

You simply need to provide your company identification number and the amount desired for the loan. The analysis is based on financial data from external databases and the company’s bank file.

4. I am eligible 🎉 What’s next

A member of Lendix’s Borrowers team will contact you to find out more about your financial needs, your project, and the situation of your company (its activity, its financial health, the market…). The funding of a project on Lendix is made of 5 steps: from submitting the demand, to receiving the funds, it takes two weeks maximum!

5. What are the advantages of being financed by a loan platform? ⏰

No one is better suited to answer this question but our Borrowers 😉

  • “The rapidity and the guarantee of being financed in the first place”. Lendix offers a firm response in 48 hours and less than 10 days between the first contact and the reception of the funds. Each Project published on the platform is 100% financed thanks to our unique mixed model of Private and Institutional Lenders.
  • “Trust”. Lendix focuses on the evaluation of a Borrower’s project and not on the guarantees it can provide, which makes it possible to finance tangible and intangible investments (recruitment, communication, research and development, digitalisation, etc.).
  • “Simplicity”. Lendix offers a online financing path, without having to provide unnecessary paperwork.

Who are our Borrowers? ID Soft, financial simulation software and CRM solutions dedicated to real estate, Orexim, property company specialising in commercial property, Blois’s bowling, T&T Nature, natural nutritional supplements, Novae Aerospace, aeronautical subcontractor or Rime Arodaky, wedding dresses creation.