Why did The Adecco Group borrow from October?

On November 22nd in Paris, October launched the Grow Together operation, mobilizing 11 major groups that borrowed €100,000 each on the platform between November 22nd and December 14th, 2018.

The Adecco Group, the world leader in human resources solutions, is ranked among the 500 largest companies in the world. The group is present in more than 60 countries with approximately 34,000 employees.

The Adecco Group is one of 11 major groups that borrowed €100,000 on November 26 from 1,659 individual lenders.

“We see a real opportunity for SME development through the financing of their projects,” says Pierre Lombard, Chief Operating Officer of The Adecco Group. October is a real complement to finance SMEs projects.”

🎥 A look back at The Adecco Group’s participation in the Grow Together operation with Pierre Lombard, the group’s Chief Operating Officer.