Sergio Zocchi is the new president of ItaliaFintech

Sergio Zocchi, CEO of October Italia, is the new President of ItaliaFintech. In 2019, he will represent the work group including the main FinTech players active in Italy with the aim of promoting the knowledge and adoption of FinTech solutions by consumers, businesses and the full ecosystem.

A few words about the new president

ItaliaFintech has appointed as its new representative Sergio Zocchi, CEO of October Italia, who succeeds Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula (Founder and CEO Credimi). Business angel and venture capital investor in the high-tech sector, Sergio Zocchi was Managing Partner of United Ventures before joining October in 2017 as CEO for Italy. He also collaborates with the European Commission as an expert for the development of programs to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

Purpose of  ItaliaFintech

Founded in February 2018 and led by General Manager Marta Ghiglioni, ItaliaFintech currently brings together more than twenty players of the FinTech Industry in Italy (lending marketplace, crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies & blockchain, invoice trading, digital payments, digital investments, mobile banking, real estate investments and others). The work group, which will be chaired in turn by each of its members, responds to the growing need for interaction between FinTech operators, the general public of Italian companies and families, traditional operators and institutions. The aim is to spread awareness of the new instruments of technological finance, helping to translate the growth potential of the market into concrete development.

Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula, former President of ItaliaFintech, comments: “Helping the launch of a group like ItaliaFintech and make its 20 members work all together with their 300,000 customer was exciting; I am happy to change over the assignment to Sergio and I am sure he will help us to connect even more and better our community to the country and institutions”.

Sergio Zocchi, new president of ItaliaFintech, comments: “I am very grateful to Ignazio for his work in launching ItaliaFintech and introduce it to all market players as a reference point in the market. I am convinced that it plays a fundamental role in connecting individual users and financial institutions as it represents all players that every day bring new products and services to the market. We will continue the dialogue with the regulators and will strengthen the synergies with similar European associations to make them understand the global scope of the revolution we are facing.”

And outside Italy?

October is also well represented in international associations: Olivier Goy (Founder and President October) is Treasurer of France Fintech, Pascal Ouvrard (International Development Director October) is a member of the ECN (European Crowdfunding Network) and Luuc Mannaerts (CEO October Netherlands) is a member of Stichting MKB Financiering.