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Warning Lending money to SMEs presents a risk of capital loss and requires your savings to be immobilised.



Apricena, Italy




Presentation of the company

Created in 1990, Stilmarmo S.r.l. is active in the cutting, shaping and finishing of stone  sector. The company, managed by Silvio Domenico Masselli has 16 employees and is based in Apricena.

Project Description

The company requests 250.000€ to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on its activity.

This project is a medium-term loan with a capital amortisation deferment and as such presents a different method of capital repayment than standard projects. The first 6 months, the lenders will only receive interest; the following 42 months, the lenders will receive interest and principal amortization. This principal repayment profile matches the borrower’s financing needs while allowing lenders to earn a higher amount of interest.

At least 40% of the risk of this loan is covered by a guarantee from the Republic of Italy via the Fondo di Garanzia PMI.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 122.500€, which is in line with the regulatory limits.