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Klow SAS

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24 months


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Bordeaux, France




Presentation of the company

Created in 2019, Klow SAS is active in the clothes sector. The company is based in Bordeaux. From 2019, it is managed by Gaetan Gimier.

Project Description

The company requests €15 000 as it is an eco-responsible fashion marketplace and is developing a B2B solution for its partner brands.

This solution will allow them to create a recurring turnover. They are 3 partners and want to recruit. The funding will allow them to hire a person who will have a direct impact on their turnover (Growth) and another person who will accelerate the development of their products and also increase our turnover. They are in the closing phase of a fundraising between 400k€ and 600k€ with different actors: – BAs – VC Fund (SEMEIA Venture) – BPI – ADEME.

This project will be realised in the coming months and the project description is based on the company’s input.