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Jamones Arroyo

presented by October Spain



48 months


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Warning Lending money to SMEs presents a risk of capital loss and requires your savings to be immobilised.



Argamasilla de Calatrava, Spain





Funded in 1983, Jamones Arroyo S.L. is a manufacture company of meat products The company, managed by Antonio Arroyo, has 54 employees and is based in Argamasilla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real.

The company’s main activity is curing and slicing of Serrano hams and cold meats.

The company works with a wide customer base that includes international supermarket chains as Grupo Edeka (Germany), Specialites du Monde (France), Pingo Doce DA (Portugal), and Grupo Día (Spain). 

Key Numbers


The company wishes to borrow 500 000 € on a 48 months bases to finance the purchase of a packaging machine.

Like all projects presented to private lenders on Lendix, this one is co-financed with institutional investors, profesionals investors, and the management of Lendix, subscribers of the Lendix Fund.


With a turnover of 27 862 703 € in 2016 and an experienced team, the company has an excellent track record combined with a two-digit operating margin. The forecast has been based on the level of activity in 2017.

Over the past years, increase of turnover is related to the expansion of international business.

The borrower has a good repayment capacity with a forecasted FCCR (Fixed Charge Cover Ratio *) at 1,10 and a good financial structure, with a forecasted net debt / ebitda ratio of 3,46 and a net debt/shareholder equity of 137,0%. The analysis of the project leads to a credit rating of B with a good financial strength and a 6,00% annual interest rate.

Strong Points of the Opportunity

  • Strong historical performance and longstanding relationship with clients.
  • Longstanding track record with more than 35 years in the market and a highly experienced team.
  • Good repayment capacity with a FCCR 1,1 reinforced by the support of the banking pool.

Point of Vigilance

  • Market highly competitive.

*An FCCR of 1.10 means that the company has a safety margin of 10% with respect to its capacity to repay its debt.

The opinion of the Lendix experts is provided solely as a guide based on our experience and knowledge, based on the information provided by the borrower and the information in our databases (Informa/Asnef). This opinion should only be taken as a guideline when deciding to fund the project.