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Paris, France



Marketing surveys & consulting

Presentation of the company

Created in 2016, Axionable is a consulting firm specialized in data solutions and Artificial Intelligence. The company, managed by Franck Touboul and Gwendal Bihan has 30 employees and is based in Paris 3.

The 4 mains managing partners have strongs networks and complementary backgrounds including experiences in major consulting and integration firms, digital agencies and start-ups. Previously Franck Touboul has been co-founder of YLLY, a successful web agency, he is a specialist in Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision. Gwendal Bihan, has been senior manager in Accenture, he has strong skills in Data Strategy, Monetization and Machine Learning.

The company’s main activity is to provide end-to-end support to large companies in Data strategy, Data consulting, Data integration and Data science solutions.

The company works with a high quality client base of key account customers in the banking, insurance, retail, media and industrial sectors.

In a niche market, Axionable has real expertise in technical data issues and the ability to deploy in Agile mode on end-to-end projects.

In 2019, the ambition of Axionable is to develop their Artificial Intelligence skills in Montreal, which is the cradle of innovation and research in Artificial Intelligence. 

Description of the project

The company requests a loan of 104 500 € over 36 months to finance the company’s development through recruitment. Parallel to this operation, another loan is granted for 207 500€ over 60 months to finance the repurchase of 29% of the shares of an outgoing shareholder by way of a capital reduction. The total operation is 500 000€, the remaining being financed through long term debt. This loan is not eligible to crowdlending corresponding to a capital reduction.  Three key employees of the company will buy 1% of Axionable’s shares each. This project will be realised next month.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 51205€, which is in line with the regulatory limits.