Our Borrowers have the wind in their sails ⛵

Each year, the “Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance” (Great prize of the growing companies) is the fruit of a reflection between the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Leaders League group. A common will was born to reward at a national level the French companies in expansion. This year, we are honoured to see two Lendix Borrowers ranked in the Honours List.


This event has a double ambition:
  • To bring a public recognition towards the success of economic champions, and cheer their audacity, their ambition and their leadership;
  • To contribute to the advent of French SMEs.

In each field, the applicant companies are ranked according to three categories corresponding to their turnover, from €5 to €20M, from €20M to €100M, and from €100M to €1B.

🍃 Olmix

Category Food & organic, Turnover €100M – €1B

You lent to Olmix in July 2017 with the project Amadeite, which is a subsidiary of the group, and which had solicited the Lendix’s Lenders community for an amount of €1,040,000, in order to finance a new range of products based of turkeys raised without antibiotics thanks to seaweeds.


🖥 Reworld Media

Category Media & entertainments, Turnover€100M – €1B

You lent to Reworld Media 4 times:
  • In april 2016 for an amount of €1,000,000 in order to finance the acquisition of 30% of the capital of Tradedoubler, one of the international leaders in digital performance marketing,
  • In may 2017 for an amount of €3,000,000 in order to finance its investments in audiovisual production tools and maintain its responsiveness for external growth,
  • In february 2018 for an amount of €2,037,000 to enhance its competitive edge,
  • In april 2018 for an amount of €2,025,000 also to enhance its competitive edge.

So a big round of applause for our Borrowers to whom we wish the best for the future 👏