New information in the Statistics page

Since we joined Financement Participatif France a few weeks ago, we have added new indicators to our statistics page. They allow all French P2P-platforms to be compared with each other on the same basis.

These performance indicators were created by the association with two objectives:

  • Produce more complete information than regulatory indicators on default,
  • Allow an objective comparison between platforms, with the same indicators, calculated in the same way.

Regulatory default indicators remain visible on the statistics page.

Dow does this new performance indicator table look like?

  • The indicators are presented by year for a detailed reading of the evolution of our performance over time,
  • The general indicators present the classic elements of loans: amount lent, number of projects, average amount, duration, age, capital already repaid, average interest rate,…
  • The performance indicators show the net return on loan defaults per year, the maximum possible return and the cost of risk, i.e. the impact of defaults on loan returns.
  • Incident indicators show payment delays and defaults, in rates (number of projects) and amounts.

Discover the performance indicators here.