Naëlle Hadji-Bormann, Head of Marketing October Connect

With this blog post, we start a new article series called Meet the team, aimed at introducing you to the new talents joining October. Through a comprehensive interview, Naëlle Hadji-Bormann recently joined October Connect to develop our brand’s marketing. It’s the perfect time to ask her a few questions and get to know her better.

1. What was your professional background before joining the October Connect team ?

Before joining the start-up world, I spent four years in large companies in key Marketing roles for Total, RATP Dev and BNP PARIBAS. Then, I made the big leap to join the start-up world, where I spent the past six years. I worked for a French and American start-up specialized in creating mobile applications using an innovative technology called “low-code no-code”. I started as the Marketing Manager for the French Market. I evolved and created the entire Marketing department (tools, strategy, and team). After spending the past 6 years in this company, having managed to add the RGPD compliance aspect to my marketing role, I decided to turn to another challenge.

2. What motivated you the most about the October Connect solution?

My motivation for joining October Connect was twofold. First, I liked the innovative dimension of the October Connect product. Indeed, I especially appreciate the SaaS and Tech environments. The second aspect that motivated me was the idea of joining a start-up within a scale-up.

3. What is your job at October Connect?

I joined the October Connect team as the Head of Marketing. There is no marketing department yet. It is my responsibility to create this marketing department for October Connect and to help promoting our solution in the market.

4. What are you first objectives for October Connect?

In the short term, the issue of positioning and the October Connect product offering is essential. In parallel, as with any marketing activity, there is a whole content strategy to put in place, as well as an important topic on lead generation based on inbound marketing to create. My past experience in SaaS startup for which all the marketing was to be built will be of great utility for me.

5. How is your marketing team structured, and is it going to scale?

Currently, I am the only member of the October Connect marketing team. However, I can rely on the Connect team to be very responsive and available.

6. What do you do in your free time?

There is the sports aspect that has taken an important place in my life. I have tried many sports such as basketball, swimming, table tennis, riding, diving, the one that has meant the most to me was dance (7 years in the FFD, Fédération Française de Danse). I was forced to stop when I had to leave for my studies. I put sport on hold last year when I became a mother and I’ve been slowly resuming it for a few months. It’s a balance that I need.

In parallel to my work, I am very involved to defend several causes, and I am part of different associations that fight for the inclusion of homeless people, against the isolation of the elderly or animal protection. I am also involved in my neighborhood association.

Lastly, I am passionate about everything related to art. I presented it during my high school exams. Then, I followed classes at Musée des Beaux Arts, in parallel of my business school. A few years ago, I was still taking courses in this subject, at the Petit and Grand Palais in Paris

7. And finally, Naëlle, would you have any advice for students who would like to pursue a career in marketing?

I have been a mentor on MyJobGlasses, a mentorship association that aims to guide students in their reflection on their future career. I took on the role of the marketing expert both to present the professions around service marketing or digital marketing and to answer their orientation questions.

To summarize: marketing is for me, the combination of analytics and creativity. As A. Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Today, if we do marketing without looking for ROI or analyzing our actions, we really lose all the potential of this activity.

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