Moments of Life

Every company goes through different moments of life during their growth and development. A moment of life is defined by certain events capable of fundamentally changing the course of your company. These events play an important role in defining who your company is and what it will become. These moments can be expensive and seeking out help may be necessary. Here, at October we want to be there to lend a hand during these moments and help your company reach its full potential. 

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The 9 most common moments of life that companies come to October for:

  • Digitization is a moment when a company implements new digital tools to increase its productivity and modernize their practices. Each company needs are different and October is here whether you need to:
    • Remote control and monitoring of the production process.
    • Automating business processes.
    • Implement a new Customer Relationship Management tool
    • Launch e-commerce operations
    • Using available data to make better decisions.
    • New techniques to communicate online with your customer, such as an online booking tool.

Back in November of 2018, SGA Information Management borrowed €1,300,000 over 48 months to finance software development for their document management company.

  • Internationalization enables you to grow your business by expanding into new markets. This can be done by developing your commercial operations abroad or developing a new production unit for a specific country. Taking advantage of international opportunities can:
    • Increase turnover
    • Spread of risk through diversification.
    • Creating economies of scale

The Spain based company, Gymage decided that they wanted to expand their urban resort to the United States. They borrowed €800,000 over 60 months to accomplish it.

  • Refinancing can help you recapitalize your company by replacing an existing loan with a new one. This can help lower monthly payments and lower interest rates. Think of the following refinancing projects:
    • The refinancing of a current (bank) loan.
    • The refinancing of shareholder loans.
    • Refinancing of previously issued bonds.
    • Refinancing of vendor credit.

Cerpa, ceramic tile manufacturer needed help refinancing a short term debt back in September of 2018. They borrowed €1,500,000 over 36 months.

  • Through commercialization you can attract new clients by launching new campaigns. A successful campaign can bring your brand, products or services to the attention to potential customers and contribute to the growth of your company. In addition to traditional sales activities, it is important to carry out marketing and communication actions that reach a large audiences.
    • Launching an offline communication campaign via various channels, such as television, radio, and print.
    • Launching an online campaign via search engines or social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
    • Organizing events and PR or sponsoring activities.

IMEO borrowed €350,000 over 48 months to fund its marketing and expansion communication campaign to other provinces in Spain in 2017.

  • Transform the experience of your clients by renovating your hotel, restaurant or your shop. By renovating, you can respond to the different needs of your clients and enhance their experience. Possible renovation projects are:
    • Routine maintenance.
    • A redesign of the interior of a hotel or restaurant.
    • A major intervention by the hotel or restaurant itself to increase the service.
    • Adding new facilities to the hotel or restaurant

The Spanish restaurant, Maricel needed financing to renew and relocate the air conditioner, heater and refrigerator motors to the top of the building. The loan was for €65,000 over 36 months.

  • Recruitment is used to grow your workforce and production capacity by hiring and/or training new employees. Expanding your team is an essential step in developing your business and achieving your business goals. Recruiting and training is needed most when:
    • Meeting the rising demand.
    • Opening a new office.
    • Acquiring new skills within the company.

Altea Patrimoine, a wealth management firm needed to borrow €166,000 over 36 months to finance the hiring of two new collaborators.

  • Optimizing the production of your company with process improvements and new machinery can boost productivity and increase profit margins.
    • Minimize material waste
    • Reduce costs and production times
    • Use new technologies to optimize processes by making efficient use of data.
    • Purchase raw materials, semi or finished products to improve your product offering.
    • Create new product lines and invest in R&D.

Sky Helicópteros wanted to renovate their helicopter camera to be able to sends optimal photos of fires to the Madrid Fire Department. The company borrowed €600,000 over 60 months to finance the acquisition of this camera.

  • A business acquisition can enable your business to grow in a quicker and more profitable manner than normal. The process of acquiring a company is usually used to amplify the strengths and/or compensate for the weaknesses of the company. The full or partial acquisition of a business, is often an efficient way to:
    • Increase market share through access to new customers or an existing network.
    • Reaching new (foreign) markets.
    • Achieving synergies and/or economies of scale.

Industrias Ramon Soler needed €830,000 over 30 months to finalize the integration of its subsidiary in which it held a majority stake in.

  • Sustainability is becoming a more and more important factor for companies nowadays. Companies are actively trying to improve their ecological footprint by investing in sustainable projects. It is important though that these new projects are economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Whether your company is at one of the following 9 moments of life or a different one, October is here to help you get through it.