Lendix launches first Italian SME projects

Four months after launching its first project in Spain, Lendix starts providing loans to Italian companies.

Lendix, the leading European online marketplace for business loans, today launches its first Italian loans, open for subscriptions by the entire international community of Lendix. The first Italian loans well exemplify the variety of companies that Lendix can serve (by sector, size and geographical location) as well as the diversified range of projects (by scope, amount and duration) that can be financed through the platform.

The first two projects are:

  • A medium-sized business in the Telecom sector, based in Northern Italy, requesting 500 000 € over 24 months to finance the opening of new sales corners
  • A small-sized business in the Energy sector, based in Southern Italy, requesting 63 000 € over 60 months to finance the renewal of its petrol distribution station

“Today, Italian SMES can access a whole new financing source to develop their business. Beyond offering a quick, efficient and easy process, we do not request any personal guarantees or collateral to entrepreneurs. Our first Telecom project represents the biggest project in Italy to date financed through crowdlending”, comments Sergio Zocchi, CEO Lendix Italia.

After France and Spain, Italy is the third country in which Lendix is fully operational for both lenders and borrowers. Our goal is to continue building our leading lending marketplace in Continental Europe”, adds Olivier Goy, Founder of Lendix.