Investing in a Sustainable Future

Climate change has become one of the biggest issues since the beginning of this century due to its rapid acceleration and lack of effective solutions to stop it. So much so that the IMF report has already confirmed that it has become the main risk long-term.

Currently, Europe is leading this fight worldwide being the most committed to reducing emissions. On November 4, 2016, they signed the Paris Agreement with 174 countries to establish an action plan to limit global warming.

Within October’s sector of operation, this mentality is growing. The lending platforms is the financial solution for companies committed to the environment. This solution is adaptable to models such as renewable energies because they are attractive topics for investors who want to impact the future.

This problem has become more and more important for the future, therefore, at our platform, we look for ways to contribute to the solution by offering projects that carry out actions to help stop the advancement of climate change.
We offer examples of financed projects that provide sustainable services and products that are committed to the environment :

  • Greenalia Logistics operates in the logistics sector. The company is part of the forestry sector and integrates logistics to the production of biofuels and thermal energy exclusively from the production of biomass and wind energy.
    – They requested funding of € 800,000 to finance the purchase of the ship “Daroja”.
  • Amadéite, subsidiary of the Olmix Group, is dedicated to the development and production of natural additives for nutrition, animal hygiene, and plant nutrition.
    To carry out its global project, HealthSea foodTech, Amadéite structured global financial for more than 70 million euros. The group requested € 1,040,000 from October to finance a new production line of algae that could be used to raise turkeys without antibiotics.
  • La Verde Vita is dedicated to the manufacturing of cosmetics and organic products, as well as the packaging of products.
    They requested a loan of € 128,866 to finance the opening of a new branch in Japan to expand its project internationally.
    More than 1,200 investors supported this project.
  • Solteam operates in the commercialization of non-transgenic soybean meals. The company requested € 3,000,000 to finance the installation of a warehouse in the seaport of La Rochelle.
  • Bio & Sens specializes in the sale of biologic products as well as the distributors and catering.
    The company obtained a € 575.00 loan to finance the costs of rehabilitating the acquisition of a new company.

All of these companies are committed to the environment and, with the help of October’s investors, they have been able to finance innovative projects that have contributed to the sustainable and socially responsible development of their organizations.