From lender to borrower

At October, we love great stories about our borrowers and investors. And sometimes, a lender becomes a borrower… Without us even realizing it! The story isn’t a big one, but confirms again why we love working at October and puts a smile on our face.

Back in 2014, when we launched October (then Lendix), we came up with an idea of displaying some of our very first lenders on our brand new website. Amongst these lenders were friends, family and some true ambassadors of lending to SMEs. These lenders believed in the October mission.

One of them was Henri Guittet, a – very good and talented – ice-cream maker in Paris. As you might know, all ingredients for ice-cream are whipped up and at the same time quickly frozen in a turbine. Which makes it the most important proces of making ice-cream. A few weeks ago, his one and only turbine went out of order! A drama, just before the peak season.

Without asking anyone at October, Henri went to the October website and requested €30.000 to replace it as quickly as possible! His bank being unable to help him in such a short timing. We are happy to say that October will put his project online in days.

We are looking forward to support Henri in growing his business. Good luck Henri!

#HappyEnd #timetogrow