The financial institution Finlombarda invests €15 million in October SME IV to support SMEs in its region

Finlombarda Spa, the financial institution of Lombardy Italian region, supports the relaunch of Lombardy economy through the Italian alternative financing initiative “Credito F.A.C.I.L.E.”.

This acronym means “simple” in Italian and this initiative addresses the liquidity requirements of the region SMEs in a simple way.

Finlombarda asserts its willingness to support the real economy by investing € 15 million in the October SME IV fund.

October will deploy at least an equal amount to support SMEs in the Lombardy region.

Finlombarda’s investment of € 15 million is in addition to the € 150 million raised from several European institutions.

October enables companies in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany to access rapid financing to complement the traditional banking system through a hybrid system of institutional investors and private lenders.

It is a further proof of the confidence of European institutions in the October technology, which offers them an innovative investment model that is closer to the real economy.


“Credito F.A.C.I.L.E. is a concrete example of how synergetic action between all the players in the financial ecosystem is the right way to relaunch the economy of our region, using financial instruments that are complementary to traditional financing.

Among those already active at Finlombarda are Minibond in partnership with other institutional investors and ELITE Basket Bond Lombardia in co-partnership with CDP.” said Michele Vietti, Chairman of Finlombarda Spa.

“October’s commitment to supporting SMEs and the real economy continues with this initiative.

A strategic partner such as Finlombarda allows us to make available to Lombardy companies not only financial resources but also experience and technology, creating the conditions for a fruitful collaboration between institutional and private actors for the benefit of companies” said Sergio Zocchi, CEO October Italy.