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“Always improve” is one of our key values. We try to improve ourselves, our processes and the experience for our lenders and borrowers. Recently, we have improved our tutorials. Tutorials are important, because they provide comprehensive answers to the most pressing questions. In the last update of the tutorials we have added more information, refined our explanations and created a more intuitive design, with 7 folders each tackling a different theme.

In this blog we have a look at the different folders, so that you know where to look when you have a question or when you want to deep-dive a certain topic.

1. What is October

Here for the first time? Then this is the folder you need to get on board quickly and smoothly. In this section you can read about October in a nutshell. This tutorial gives a quick overview of October and what differentiates us from our competitors. Besides, you can have have a sneak preview of how easy it is to lend on October in the demos that we provide in this folder.

For more experienced lenders, this folder also contains valuable information:

  • The tutorial on the types of projects that are financed on October, explains what the money you invest on October can be used for by borrowers. Furthermore, it explains the profile of a typical borrower on October.
  • The tutorial on the different kinds of loans, explains about the repayment schedules of your loans. The repayment schedule differs per project, depending on the type of loan options, such as a grace period and a flexible bridge.

2. Your October account

Excited to start lending? In this folder we show you how you can verify your account and which documents you need to upload.

Already started? Read how to modify your personal data when something changes in your personal live. In addition, in this tutorial we also explain you through videos how to deposit or withdraw funds.

In this folder we also cover what happens to your account when October ceases to exist or what happens to a portfolio when a lender passes away.

3. Lend to a project

With crowdlending you’re in the driver’s seat; you decide which projects you lend to and how much. But how do you select the right projects? In this folder we tell you about the key elements you need to select projects, so that you can use the 48 hour preview period effectively to analyse the project and make a conscious decision whether to invest or not.

Here you can also read about:

4. Deep-dive into the project analysis

Want to learn how to distinguish the good from the great projects? In this folder we deep-dive into the project analysis. We tell you about how our credit team analyses each project. In addition, we help you to become a credit analyst with our tutorial on the key financial figures.

5. Understand your portfolio

The diversification of your portfolio is important. It helps to reduce the risk of capital loss. To diversify means to spread your investment on the platform over multiple loans. But, how do you manage a portfolio a hundred loans or more? In this folder we help you. This folder focusses on:

  • Receiving and managing your repayments.
  • The profitability of your portfolio.
  • Diversification and risk mitigation.

6. Manage a default

When you invest in crowdlending, you run the risk of losing the capital you invested. It is not guaranteed that the capital you lend to, will be paid back. Like any company, the company you lend to is exposed to business risk and can experience financial difficulties.

In this folder we tell you about the risks of crowdlending. We go into depth and tell you about our amicable and judicial recovery processes, how to keep track of updates and how to check the health of the loans in your portfolio.

7. Declare your earnings

It is important to declare your earnings on October to the local tax authorities. This last last folder is dedicated to taxes and how you should declare your earnings.

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