Embedded Series I Embedded finance for Legaltechs

Since the launch of our embedded finance offer, several fintechs partners integrated our solution. But is embedded finance only for fintechs?

Let’s take the example of Kandbaz, a legaltech that integrates our embedded finance solution to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

Partner presentation:

Kandbaz, is a French legaltech leader in company domiciliation. Management of the domiciliation, accounting, invoices: this wide range of services, that Kandbaz offers, aims at facilitating the daily life of entrepreneurs and companies. But why stop there? After many discussions with their clients, the importance of financing became obvious in the process of creating or developing a company. With this in mind, October joined forces with Kandbaz to support the growth of its entrepreneurial clients.


For legaltechs like Kandbaz, the integration of Embedded Finance can be a major strategic asset. Kandbaz’s idea was to sell “intelligent” domiciliation and respond as simply as possible to its clients’ needs, without having to go through the development phase. All of this allowed Kandbaz to open up new growth opportunities and strengthen its position in a constantly evolving market.


After analyzing Kandbaz’s need, here are some benefits using embedded finance:

– Instant loan solution integrated into the Kandbaz Store

– An optimized and simplified customer experience thanks to a personalized landing page

– A more complete range of services: domiciliation and financing in one place

– Increased competitiveness compared to competing domiciliation solutions


October demonstrated agility by integrating its instant loan solution directly into the Kandbaz Store, that is what we called embedded finance. Thanks to the integration of October module, a Kandbaz client canclick on “Apply for financing” and benefit from a simple and fast financing process with funds available within 7 days.


“October has shown agility by integrating its instant loan solution directly on the Kandbaz Store (exclusive offers dedicated to Kandbaz subscribers), hence the term “Embedded Finance”. Thanks to the integration of the October module, a Kandbaz customer will be able to click on “Apply for finance” from his space and benefit from a quick and easy loan with funds available within 7 days.” Thomas Billerey · Chief Digital Officer @ KANDBAZ