Embedded Series | Focus on solution for Fintechs

Some time ago, we introduced the Embedded Finance solution and how October integrates it with third-party applications.

Since then, our solution has been integrated by several partners, including Fygr, who is now able to offer their customers access to instant loans. We handle the entire funding process, from project analysis to fundraising from individuals and our institutional fund, to repayment.

Partner presentation

Fygr, a French start-up created in 2019 located in Paris, offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use SaaS software for cash flow management and forecasting for SMEs.

The software securely connects to your bank account or accounts to import your cash flow data. It offers improved visibility on your current cash flow and also allows you to anticipate your future cash flow according to the scenarios you define.

It offers a simple and easy to use tool that can be quickly learned. Dashboards are created and updated automatically to provide optimal cash visibility.


Fygr’s need was simple: diversify their business model to increase their growth potential, by offering a BtoB financing solution integrated with their SaaS cash management solution. Companies that use Fygr do so primarily for its cash management service, bank accounts, and expenses. From these needs, another one could emerge: financing. We concluded that there was a need to integrate financing options such as loans and lines of credit into their platform in order to provide their customers the most comprehensive SaaS solution as possible.


After analyzing Fygr’s need, here are some benefits using embedded finance:

– An instant lending solution integrated with the Fygr platform

– A personalized, comprehensive customer journey

– The evolution of the Fygr platform through October’s embedded finance solution

– Diversification of revenue streams and optimization of growth potential


October presented several levels of integration to Fygr to diversify its business model. These levels included a customized and standardized customer journey to fully meet expectations. The most appropriate solution was to create a landing page, which was integrated into the Fygr platform. This solution allows customers to initiate a loan application directly from the Fygr website, in their home environment.

Fygr x October

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