Do you really know… Edenred?

Edenred is the world’s leading company for transactional solutions for businesses, employees and dealers, with a turnover of more than €26 billion in 2017, of which 78% comes from the digital segment. Whether by mobile, on online platforms, by card or via a paper voucher, its solutions provide additional purchasing power to employees, optimize corporate expenses and bring additional business volume to the Group’s merchant partners.

Its product portfolio is built around three main business assets:

  • employee benefits;
  • fleets and mobility solutions;
  • complementary solutions that include corporate payments, incentives and rewards, and social programs.

Edenred’s history dates back to 1962 with the introduction of the first Ticket Restaurant®, inspired by the Luncheon Vouchers that appeared in the UK a few years earlier. The real success of Ticket Restaurant® came in 1967, with a governmental decree that officially recognised meal vouchers as a benefit for employees. In 1976 this model began to be exported abroad, particularly to South America with Ticket Alimentación®.

In 1983 Ticket Restaurant® became a subsidiary of Accor Group and in 1998, the company became Accor Services. Since the 2000s, its growth has accelerated; innovation has spread to new territories: stimulation and motivation solutions in Europe and Asia, and professional mobility solutions, with the development of Ticket Car® in Latin America.
In June 2010, following the split between the hotel activities and the prepaid services of Accor group, Accor Services became Edenred.
The new Group became independent, defined its business plan and went public on July 2nd, 2010 on the NYSE Euronext market in Paris.

Today, with nearly 8,000 employees in 45 countries and a turnover of 26 billion euros, the group is taking a further step forward in terms of innovation, with new digital solutions as its core business. At the same time, it is increasing its geographical expansion and the development of mobility solutions.

Fun fact 😌: Edenred has 770,000 client companies and 44 million employees who use its products every day. The group has 900,000 partner restaurants and over 1 billion meals are paid for every year with Edenred solutions!

On December 3rd, Edenred borrows €100.000 on October as part of the ‘Grow Together’ initiative. By participating the group wants to make SMEs aware of the importance of diversifying their financing sources. Before Edenred, 4 companies already borrowed on October as part of this initiative. Make sure you don’t miss this project, as well as the other 6 that we will published in the upcoming days!