Discover the Credit team

For each project published on Lendix, you can read the section “Analyst’s opinion” without knowing what it means. We thought it would be useful to introduce to you the Credit team, one of the pillar of Lendix.

The exchanges and sales process between the company and Lendix are managed by the Borrowers’ Relations until the project is online. First, the team analyses the project to see if it meets the first Lendix’s eligibility criteria, makes sure that we have all the documents for the analysis and calls the manager. The salesman sends it to the Credit team who will study the company and the project more in details in a second time. Its role is fundamental: make sure that the company is sustainable and has sufficient reimbursement capacity in order to publish the project on the platform.



The Credit team is made up by 20 people in total: 10 in France, 5 in Spain and 5 in Italy. The analysis process is the same in each country with local teams who have a significant knowledge of businesses. Within the Credit team, Marc Sebag is Europe Credit Manager helped by 3 Credit Managers in local: Philippe Lapeyre in France, Domingo Landivar in Spain and Eugenio Brambilla in Italy. In the three countries, there are 16 credit analysts in total. In the same team, a developer is working on the automatization of the credit analysis tools and their maintenance.

In 2016, the Operations team is created in order to structure the projects compliance and their launching: from the documents review, the redaction of the article, the provision of the funds, the tracking monthly repayments to the end of the loan. The Operations team is made up by 4 people: 2 in France, 1 in Italy and 1 in Spain.


A proven analysis method

The credit team’s work is mostly based on an automated process that allows the analysts to focus on high value-added work.

“To analyze all the files, we have a solid scoring tool relying on companies datas, external financial data base and the Bank File of the company. We are able to reject the files that do not correspond to our criteria to focus on those eligible to a Lendix financing”, explains Marc Sebag.

The team is working on a high value-added work. Here are the different steps of the process:

  • composition of the file
  • call with the manager
  • analysis of the company
  • redaction of the document published in the platform.

Each borrower has a dedicated analyst to help and grow rapidly – he gets a credit decision within 48 hours and the funds within 7 days.

Lendix finances French, Spanish and Italian companies and soon Dutch and German companies for every development project from €30,000 to €5,000,000 (€3,500,000 in Spain and Italy) from 3 months to 7 years.