Our values.

  • Think customer experience, first

    We are at the service of our clients. Lenders, borrowers and partners, we focus on their experience as we know our success will only follow theirs. We have carefully aligned our interests with them and focus on the long term.

    Strive, together

    Progress requires smarts, sweat and karma. Bringing together talented and diverse people, learning with them, rewarding their hard work and commitment to the team, is the best way to reach our goals.

  • Always improve

    It’s everyone’s job to constantly innovate and simplify. Details matter as well as compliance with regulation: both demonstrate our commitment to quality. We are proud users of our own product, and humble in taking user feedback as our greatest inspiration.

  • Enjoy the journey

    We’re on a discovery mission. What we do, and how we do it, is a new experience. It means our daily lives are filled with learning (including from our mistakes) and are made richer by our interactions with everyone, inside and outside the company.

    Let the sunshine in

    Transparency is as much a differentiator from incumbents as technology. We believe it to be the best way to irrevocably commit to integrity and fairness for all stakeholders, building trust strong enough to weather cycles and crises. This is true internally and externally.

Are we made for each other?


October is aimed at building the Europe of savings delivering a faster and better value than traditional banks.We are looking for people ready to work in a dynamic, positive and challenging start-up environment.

To support our growth and reach our objective of being the reference for SMEs financing in Europe, we recruit innovative, flexible and autonomous people. Proactivity and a taste for challenge are valuable qualities!


Our offices.

We know office locations are important to attract talents. All our offices are central. We do our best to put our teams at the heart of our concerns.

  • nl
    AmsterdamHerengracht 478, 1017 CB Amsterdam

    In the centre of Amsterdam, near the Vijzelstraat and the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, the team of October Netherlands is based in a characteristic canal house with a spacious communal garden.

  • es
    MadridPlaza de Santa Bárbara 5, 4D, 28004

    In the middle of Madrid's city center, October's spanish office has a total of 21 people ready to help Spanish SMEs and Investors.

  • it
    MilanVia Fatebenefratelli 20,

    October’s Milan office is located in the heart of Brera district, a well-known area for its artistic and cultural life. 19 people are located in Milan across various teams.

  • de
    MünchenKaufingerstraße 24, 80331 München

    The office of October Deutschland is in the Unicorn building at Kaufingerstraße 24, right next to Frauenkirche and Marienplatz. Here, our employees enjoy the many perks of Unicorn, which enables us to provide German SMEs with fast and easy financing.

  • fr
    Paris94 rue de la victoire, 75009 Paris

    In the heart of Paris, between Opera and Saint-Lazare, October’s French office gathers 49 people and constitutes the largest team. Coffee, biscuits, fruits and table-football allow us to work hard in a positive atmosphere.

What we do.


101 people are working together all around Europe. The average age is 33 years old, currently ranging from 23 to 57. Multiple competences are present at October. Here is an overview of how the company works:

The Borrowers team is divided into two teams: inside sales and outside sales. The outside sales team is working with partners that are specialised in SME financing. The inside sales department works directly with borrowers helping them in their funding requests. Each office has a Borrowers team.
The Credit team is the largest one gathering 20 people. They analyse companies all the way from finance to market analysis and management. In average, out of 100 projects, only one is financed by October. Each office has a Credit team.
Investors Community
The Investors Community team is in charge of relations with the retail investors on the platform. Their jobs range from acquisition, engagement, education and support to the community which is more than 12 000 investors strong. Each office has an Investors team.
Marketing and Communication
The Marketing and Communication team is working on generating growth for the borrowers and investors community through different channels of acquisition. It is also focused on getting October known through brand awareness and communication. Each office has a Marketing and Communication team.
Team is responsible for the process of publishing projects on the platform, upstream compliance controls and collection actions.
Institutional Investor
The Institutional Investor team is managing relations with the institutional investors that invest through the October Fund. The team is centralised in Paris and intervenes with all countries.
Data Science
The Data Science team is responsible for implementing a data-driven framework to develop predictive models and algorithms to power data products and support key decision making processes related to credit-risk. The Data Science team is based in Amsterdam.
The Tech team is working on all of the technology enabling borrowers to request an investment in a fast and simple way, whilst enabling investors to invest towards a project in two clicks and payments to be made smoothly every month. The team is centralised in Paris and intervenes with all countries.