October’s summer challenge: #StriveTogether

It’s finally time for holidays! This year too October is not going on vacation: we will keep you company through the whole month of August with our projects. And like every year, we would like to propose you a little challenge, in which you can participate wherever you are.

You may remember that some time ago we shared an article on our blog in which we listed what each of us can do to support local businesses in recovering from the Covid-19 crisis. Of course you can continue to lend to our projects, but there is so much more each of us can do:

  • Buy online: the crisis has caused many companies to switch from an offline to an online business model. Companies that would previously only sell in stores, have now opened an online store or use a platform such as Amazon or eBay to sell their goods.
  • Plan ahead, pay in advance: more and more hotels and restaurants offer the possibility to book and pay for rooms or meals in advance, or to buy vouchers to be used at a later date. This way, companies will obtain new income that will help them recover from the crisis, at least until the business returns to normal.
  • Follow on social media: nowadays many companies, be they small or large, local or multinational, have a strong presence on social media. By following the social accounts of companies in your area (or in the area where you will spend your holidays) you will get to know all their news: reopenings, events, new products and special offers. To further support companies on social media you can go the extra mile: share their news, or even create brand new content to promote their initiatives to your friends!
  • Buy and travel locally: this year traveling abroad will be more complicated due to restrictions between countries, so many of us will spend the holidays closer to home. It’s a good opportunity to discover cities and villages of our own region or country, and thus support local tourism and businesses.
  • Change your habits: on holiday we are more inclined to change our daily habits. Having breakfast at the café downstairs instead of preparing it yourself, buying fruits and vegetables in a small grocery shop instead of the supermarket, renting a paddle surf instead of lying on the beach… These are small gestures for us, but they can mean a lot to a small business.

These are just a few examples. And you, what will you do to help companies recover from the crisis?

Tell us your story

Share on Facebook or Twitter a photo, a video or a short post showing what you will do this summer to support one or more companies, local or not. Remember to mention October in your post and use the hashtag #StriveTogether.

At the end of the contest we will draw lots among all participants, the winner will get a 100€ bonus to keep helping the economy by lending on October! The winner will be announced in our newsletter and the bonus will be credited directly on his October account.

You have until Sunday, September 6 at midnight to participate! You can also share your photo, video or story via our instant messenger or to [email protected], we will share it on our Facebook and Twitter account.

Remember: to participate, you must have a verified October account. If your account is not verified yet, complete your registration. And if you do not have an October account, create one here to participate in the challenge.