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Story of Fintech: Third part (00s)

28 January 2019

This is the third part of the history of FinTech from the very beginning to the 21st century until today. This is a step in which society, hand in hand with technology, undergoes many changes and progress.

In the previous parts, we have explained how payment methods and access to cash evolve through the creation of ATMs, online bank accounts and internet payment platforms.

From the beginning, we have experienced an incredible technological disruption

All these technologies since 1950 have evolved and have made it available to people, revolutionizing the way we pay for goods and services. It is now possible to walk into a store, pick up an item and pay for it with a quick scan of our smartphones. We went to ATMs and simple payment methods to a fully functional online bank and even digital currency.

As we can see, Fintech is here to last and has transformed the way we do business, transactions and manage our money.

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