Story of FinTech: Second part (90’s)

In our first blog about the history of FinTech, we ended in 1990. This second part covers the 90’s, which were full of technological events that opened the doors to the great innovations after Y2K.

As you will see in the following infographic FinTechs have come a long way, for example with the transition of getting money at an ATM to online banking.

The need for progress

Foreign trade flourished and companies became an important factor in the world and it became inevitable that financial processes had to improve. Transactions now had to take place on a global scale. Fintech has bridged the gap and matched the need for immediacy and speed as they promote development through which millions of people have access to their money immediately.

In this second infographic we will show what milestones occurred in the 90’s and how these developments were key to get to where we are today.