Lendix opens its lending platform to italian SMEs

A new step towards a genuine European capital market for small and medium-sized businesses.

Lendix is pleased to announce today the opening of its lending platform to Italian businesses. Italian SMEs can now finance their growth directly with our community of international investors, for loans ranging from 30,000 euros to 3 million euros.

Applying for a loan on Lendix is fast and simple: companies test their eligibility online by entering their Italian registration number, the amount and the maturity for which they wish to borrow. Thanks to its broad community of lenders, institutionals and individuals, Lendix can ensure that the full amount requested for the selected projects will be fully funded.

“Starting today, Italian SMEs have a new possibility to access credit beyond the traditional banking sector. We hope that this new financing model will meet the needs of Italian entrepreneurs with the same level of interest as in the French and Spanish markets, “said Sergio Zocchi, CEO of Lendix Italy.

This new source of financing is a particularly attractive solution for Italian entrepreneurs in the current economic environment, offering a quick, simple and personal guarantee-free loan solution. Opening Lendix to Italian SMEs gives a new dimension to the Europe of financing!