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Legal warning: Do not borrow beyond your repayment capacity.

  • Up to €2m
    Rates start at 2% p.a.
  • No personal guarantee
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  • Instant eligibility check
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The European SME lending marketplace

  • €1,040,702,828borrowed by 4342 projects
  • 44,121lenders including top tier institutions

SMEs have now been able to borrow through alternative sources alongside the traditional banking system for 4 years.

Grow Together is an operation conceived by October, the first SME lending platform in continental Europe. Thanks to October already more than 500 SMEs have borrowed 240 million euros from a large community of private lenders and institutional investors. More information on

For every key moment of your growth.

We help established companies of all sizes take the next step.

  • Digitize your company

    Digitize your company

    Implement a new Customer Relationship Management tool, launch your e-commerce operations.

  • Attack international markets

    Attack international markets

    Develop your commercial operations abroad or a new production unit, launch a new country.

  • Refinance your business

    Refinance your business

    Refinancing your partners' current accounts, bonds or vendor credits.

  • Get your business known

    Get your business known

    Attract new clients by launching marketing or communication campaigns.

  • Transform your company

    Transform your company

    Renovate your hotel or your restaurant, increase capacity, renew furnishings.

  • Grow your team

    Grow your team

    Grow your workforce and production capacity by hiring and/or training employees.

  • Optimize your production

    Optimize your production

    Improve your production efficiency by acquiring new or second-hand machinery, equipments or vehicles.

  • Acquire a business

    Acquire a business

    Acquire a company, a restaurant, a hotel or a shop.

  • Value sustainable projects

    Value sustainable projects

    Reduce your company’s ecological footprint by investing in energy efficiency and sustainable projects.

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Online, simple and fast

Online, simple and fast

  1. One minute Submit your project Know how much you can borrow in 1 minute. Complete your application online.
  2. Two days Talk to one of our analysts Our team studies your project. We get back to you in 48 hours with a firm answer.
  3. One week You’re funded Retail and institutional investors lend to your company. Just a week after your application, the funds are on your account.

“ Accessing certain markets (banking, bonds etc.) is not always feasible for SMEs. Crowdlending allows those companies to get a new source of funding for their growth alongside more traditional channels. As such, we are committed to support October’s initiative and this innovative operation. ”

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  • No personal guarantee

    We analyse your company's ability to repay.

  • Financing tangible & intangible assets

    We finance all the key moments of your company's life.

  • 100% guaranteed financing

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