Do you really know… Webhelp?

Webhelp was founded in 2000 by two French entrepreneurs: Frederic Jousset and Olivier Duha. They have guided Webhelp to become the 35.000 people-strong global leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Experience engineering it is today.

What is exactly BPO? It means that other businesses outsource part of their processes to Webhelp. Their clients are companies that look to outsource (part of) their processes and are active in various industries (Telecom, Financial Services, Energy, Retail, Travel, Automotive, etc.). Typical examples of services provided by Webhelp would be call centers for customer support, payement recovery, KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, etc.

Powered by data, Webhelp has continued to specialize in customer experience and has broadened their scope to voice, social and digital channels. Besides customer experience, they have the capabilities to take upon themselves payment management, sales and marketing services for their clients.
Webhelp has more than 140 ‘hubs’ in 35 countries where people are working to continuously improve consumer relations. By investing in people and the environment they work in, Webhelp has managed to increase its turnover by more than 250% over the last 4 years.

Fun fact 😌 : Webhelp is able to offer support in over 20 languages. The employees of Webhelp are bi- or trilingual to a native or near-native level. This allows Webhelp to support businesses across countries and to be highly efficient and cost-effective. The hub in Lisbon alone is able to support customers in 6 different languages.

As part of the operation Grow Together, WebHelp will borrow €100,000 on October on December, the 14th!
As you now know, this initiative brings together 11 major groups, committed to raise awareness about new sources of financing, such as crowdlending, among their SME ecosystem. These SME partners will then be able to benefit from preferential conditions to borrow on October.

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