Do you really know… The Adecco Group?

Since its inception in 1964, The Adecco Group has witnessed lots of changes in the job market, with lifelong employment giving way to the mobility of talent. By adapting to these changes, the group has become the world leader in human resources solutions and has positioned itself among the 500 largest companies in the world.

The Adecco Group, as we know it today, emerged in the 1990s when two of the largest recruitment firms of the time, Adia and Ecco, merged to become Adecco.

Over the years, the group has brought together 9 expert brands, such as Modis, Badenock & Clark or Pontoon, which cover all forms of employment and flexibility: temporary work, fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts, training and work-study programmes.

Its team of 34,000 people, spread over more than 60 countries and led by Alain Dehaze, are using the latest technologies to create the future of the labour market and to support the transformation of skills.

Fun Fact 😌: Did you know that entrepreneurship is one of The Adecco Group’s key values? Innovation and initiatives to help people get a job, such as the Digital Academy or Humando, are driving forces for the group, which aims at enabling everyone to enrich their human capital.

On November 26th, The Adecco Group will reaffirm its interest in entrepreneurship. The group will borrow €100,000 on October to show SMEs that there are complementary solutions to bank loans to finance themselves. The Adecco Group is joining Accor, and the other 9 major groups involved in the operation Grow Together, which aims at promoting new sources of financing for SMEs.

We are waiting for you on November 26, 👉 be ready!

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