Do you really know… Allianz?

Founded in 1890 by Carl Thieme and Wilhelm Finck in Berlin, Allianz began as an insurance company specialised in transport and accidents and went public only five years later.

The 20th century represented a challenge for Allianz which, despite the two World Wars, managed to become a leader in Germany, and later, in Europe. In 1954, the company moved its headquarters to Munich and went international, acquiring or merging with insurance companies all over Europe. In the early 1990s, the group established itself on the other side of the Atlantic and thus became one of the world leaders in the insurance sector.

The 2000s was a time of diversification for Allianz. The group broadened its horizons and started to operate in the asset management and financial services sector which enabled it to grow financially and operationally.
125 years after its launch, Allianz is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has more than 88 million customers in 70 countries.

With more than 144,000 employees, the group, led by Olivier Bäte, keeps on changing and developing new solutions to tackle current challenges, such as demographics, global warming and access to financial services.

Fun Fact 😌: in France, nearly 7,000 commercial intermediaries, agents, advisors, brokers and partners advise and support 5.5 million customers. In 2017, Allianz France’s turnover reached €12.88 billion!

As part of the operation Grow Together, Allianz France will borrow €100,000 on October on December, 6th!
As you now know, this initiative brings together 11 major groups, committed to raise awareness about new sources of financing, such as crowdlending, among their SME ecosystem. These SME partners will then be able to benefit from preferential conditions to borrow on October.

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