Borrower interview #3

Arturo Moreschi is the founder of Ariostea M.H.S, an Italian company specialised in the manufacture of plastic handling and storage systems. The company is based in Brescia, Italy.

In April 2018, the company borrowed €750,000 from the Lendix Lenders community to finance the purchase of new machinery for the manufacture of silos.

A part of this loan (at least 40% of the loan risk) is covered by the Fondo di Garanzia, a guarantee provided by the Italian State.

In a few words, can you introduce yourself: what is your background and history of your company?
During my 13 years spent in the United States, I have acquired lots of experience in several areas including entrepreneurship. Back in Italy, I joined the Ariostea Group where I held a position of high technical and commercial responsibility. In 2011, I created my own company Ariostea M.H.S of which I am the director. I work with an experienced team that has been with the Group for several years now.
Thanks to the specific skills and technical innovation acquired over the years, Ariostea has been able to overcome the years of crisis, grow and become one of the leading companies in the engineering market. Ariostea is present throughout the world.

Why did you turn to participatory financing?
For SMEs, even those experiencing constant and strong growth, it is very difficult (due to the economic situation and processes) to benefit both from a rapid response and an adequate service in order to obtain bank credit. At the same time, the market is growing and constantly evolving, so the manager must make decisions quickly if he wants to seize a development opportunity. At Ariostea, we consider the participatory financing market as a real alternative to traditional financing.

Were you reluctant to borrow on a corporate lending platform? If so, what was the trigger?
We contacted Lendix directly on the platform, without intermediaries. We had all the information we needed. After seeing the seriousness and reliability of Lendix, we carried out the first part of the process with complete peace of mind: in a fluid and professional manner.

More precisely, why Lendix?
Among the equity lending platforms, Lendix was the one that inspired the most confidence. The result fully met my expectations. I confirm that the Lendix team is professional and has a simple process, innovative management methods and quick credit decision-making.What benefits have you derived from financing on Lendix?
This financial support enabled us to structure the investment plan (machines, certifications and recruitment of new qualified people) to strengthen and develop the Japanese market, a promising and strategic market.

Did you miss something during your Lendix experience? If so, do you have any recommendations?
The relationship with Lendix has been very positive and satisfying on all levels. I hope to stay in contact with the teams and to maintain this relationship of trust. I think that this is essential so that we are able to work together again.

To finish, have you got final advice to give to entrepreneurs and managers who read us?
Do not doubt the new methods of financing. Lendix is a reliable SME lending platform that supports their growth with a view to diversify your sources of financing.