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OneShot's story

For us One Shot Hotels, it is the project of our life. It is what we are, reflected in a business project.

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    Restaurants and catering services

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    Renovation works

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    48 months

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Discover the history of OneShot Hotels, a company that promotes art in its facilities and offers great amenities to its customers, by the hand of Luis Felipe Mendieta, Founding Partner and CEO of the company. 

OneShot, by people who want to do

Mendieta always had an entrepreneurial mindset. He studied economics, completed a doctoral thesis and began teaching at the University. Afterwards began to work in the bank, like most of his peers. But he quickly realized that this world was not for him.

The idea came to Mendieta at the time the tourism sector was becoming more professional in Spain. In Viajes el Corte Inglés he saw how the tourism sector was transforming and how technology was going to change the business model. When he finished his PHD, he went to Málaga, as he understood it there was some potential there on a touristic point of view. Together with his partners, he decided to start a project in the hotel sector. It became Mendieta’s first chain of hotels, called IGH Hotels. The first hotel opened in Ronda, Malaga, from where the chain opened 7 other hotels in the area around Malaga.

IGH Hotels taught Mandieta and his partner the ins and outs of the hotel sector. In 2009 they realized that the industry was transforming. With the increase of large sized competitors and the economic crisis they learned that, to be successful they had to differentiate their product and create a unique value proposition. They worked two years on the OneShot concept and marketing, while exhaustively analyzing the markt. In 2010 they chose Madrid for the first OneShot Hotel.

OneShot, spontaneous and unique hotel that drives art

The first hotel was located on 23 Prado Street. Afterwards, they opened 2 more hotels in Madrid and expanded to Valencia, Sevilla and San Sebastian. Now, they are going to open a new hotel in Barcelona and they want to expand internationally.
Currently, 200 employees work in the different hotels.

OneShot differentiates itself from their competitors in their well-developed product and the location of its hotels. Also, they understand that their visitors appreciate architecture, design and space.

On top of that they do a project to support artists. Every 3 months they invite artists to display their photography in the hotels. OneShot which refers to the shooting of the camera and the pictures were the inspiration of the name. OneShot helps artists through the financing their work and displaying them to a large public in their various hotels.

The values that drive OneShot are customer care and putting the greatest effort in everything they do.

A partner to grow

At the start, OneShot’s expansion relied on small financing by banks, own resources and alternative financing. OneShot went from a turnover of €1,000,000 in 2013 to €15,000,000 in 2017. The turnover is said to grow to €20,000,000 in 2018.

October helps OneShot in their growth, due to our different way of looking at financing. Mendieta finds that the process of getting a loan at the bank was too long. He thought that his business was misunderstood, because of the barriers the bank created and the months it took to obtain just a small financing. The talks between the October risk team and the OneShot team were quick, transparent and clear and helped OneShot carry out their life project.

For us, time is money and we appreciate that the investor also benefits from our loan.

OneShot Hotels obtained a loan of €500,000 to finance the refurbishment of its new hotel in Barcelona within 10 days.