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Wellness Innovations B.V.

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48 months


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Almere, Netherlands




Presentation of the company

Created in 2014, Wellness Innovations B.V. is active in the Food supplements sector. The company, managed by Guido Evers, has 11 employees and is based in Almere.

Mr. Guido Evers, managing director, has overall >20 years of professional experience in the sector.

The company’s main activities are:

  • Wholesale of algae based Omega3 food supplements R&D into the market applications of algaeThe company works with Amazon, Bol. com, Etos.

Project Description

The company requests €350.000 to finance Investments in R&D and accompanying patent process. This project will be realised by the end of the year.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to €171.500.