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Uitgeverij Langeveld & De Rooy

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48 months


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Den Burg, Netherlands



Information & Communication

Presentation of the company

Created in 1980, Uitgeverij Langeveld & De Rooy is active in the media sector. The company, managed by Duncan Whyte has 8 employees and is based in Den Burg. The company’s aim is completely focused on the residents, tourists and entrepreneurs on the island of Texel, in the top of the Netherlands.

Mr. Duncan Whyte, managing director, has overall 20 years of professional experience in the sector.

The company’s main activities are:

  • Publishing de Texelse Courant, de Vakantiekrant, Texel Magazine and Krim Magazine.
  • Cross media platform with the latest updates, outings and guides.

Besides the function of local news media, the published newspapers and magazines form the connection between Texel, the entrepreneurs on the island and the tourists, as the island is a popular holiday destination for the Dutch (1. 2 mio tourists on annual base).

Project Description

Current owner wants to sell his company, valuation has been done based on standard of the market. Mr. Whyte and Schepers via a dedicated company wish to borrow 308. 000 € over 48 months to finance the acquisition of the underlying business company. This project will be realised in the next few months. The remainder will be financed by and equity contribution of the new owner.

This project is a Flexible Bridge Loan, an amortizable loan with a standard commitment for the first 9 months and the possibility of early repayment at no cost for the remainder of the loan term, even in the event of refinancing by other financial institutions.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 150920€, which is in line with the regulatory limits.