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Saint Jean Industries #4

presented by October France



48 months


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Saint-Jean-d'Ardières, France




Presentation of the company

Saint-Jean Industries is both the holding and the french operationnal company of the leading group Saint Jean Industries set up in 1962 and active in the manufacture of automotive and aeronautical equipment sector. The group, managed by DI SERIO Emile, has 2259 employees and is based in Belleville. The group is present in Europe and in United Statesn and recently has opened in China.

Mr. Emile Di Serio is the managing director since 2002.

The company is specialised in the manufacture of aluminium chassis parts and ground connections.

The company invented and patented the Cobapress process in 1987 and holds about ten patents on this process, which it regularly improves. Cobapress is an unique hybrid process consisting of forging a foundry preform and having the advantage of producing a lighter and stronger part, compared to a traditional foundry process.

The company works with famous groups of automotive sector such as Audi, PSA, Fiat-Chrysler.

Project Description

The company requests 2 100 000 € to finance its 2020 investment plan of 13M€. The balance is finance by debts and treasury. This project will be realised in the next few months.

As a reminder, the October lending community supported Saint Jean Industries in 2015 with a total of 1 150 000 € to finance the start-up of the activity in the US.

This project is a Flexible Bridge Loan, an amortizable loan with a standard commitment for the first 9 months and the possibility of early repayment at no cost for the remainder of the loan term, even in the event of refinancing by other financial institutions.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 1 000 000€, which is in line with the regulatory limits.