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One Works #2

presented by October Italy



28 months


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Milan, Italy



Marketing surveys & consulting

Project Description

This project is a refinancing guaranteed by the Italian State Guarantee, which covers only institutional funds and not private lenders. For this reason it is not possible for individual lenders to invest in the project.

Presentation of the company

One Works is a global design and consulting company that operates with an integrated approach in the field of architecture and engineering of transport infrastructures, urban planning and real estate.

Founded in 2007, on the basis of the more than twenty years of professional history of its Managing Partners, Leonardo Cavalli and Giulio De Carli, and their international vision, One Works has grown exponentially putting at the center of its multidisciplinary collaborations an high quality design and positioning itself as first architectural studio in Italy by turnover.

The Company works from six strategic locations across the globe, with its design headquarters in Milan and offices in London, Rome, Venice, Dubai and Singapore. From these locations, a team of over 150 architects, designers and engineers operates to the design and delivery of projects worldwide.

Among the most important projects currently underway there are: eleven new metro stations between Doha and Riyadh, including the Major Stations, the Transport Education Center, in Doha, the extension project of Venice’s airport Marco Polo, and the San Marino outlet “The Market”.

The company collaborates with a wide range of international clients and public administrations.